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Spotbear Productions is owned and operated by designer Lynne Willis. After getting her master's degree in biology from the University of Michigan, Lynne felt the need to switch from left-brain to right-brain thinking. So she decided to move to New York City to study textile design in the heart of the industry. Lynne now found herself in the world of contract textiles. Working for clients such as Nike, Gap, Disney, and AT&T, she developed custom textiles for business interiors across America. During this time, Lynne moved across the country again, this time to San Francisco.

Moving across the country--twice--highlighted for Lynne the importance of keeping in touch with friends and family. And, after working in corporate America for more than 8 years, she had a strong wish to focus her talents on more intimate projects.

This desire led Lynne to start Spotbear Productions. Now she creates high-quality cards, bookplates, and accessories that convey affection through sophisticated style and color.
With Spotbear Productions, Lynne hopes to inspire....
--the pleasure of finding just the right card for a friend
--the excitement of discovering a handwritten note in one's mailbox
--the enjoyment of owning a beautiful object made and selected with care

Spotbear Productions is named after Lynne's teddy bear, who has stuck by her from the Midwest to New York City to San Francisco and through several boyfriends. Spotbear is Lynne's best friend and severest critic.